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Professional car detailing, valeting, paint correction and protection services


professional car detailing, valeting, paint correction and protection services 

Diamond Tech Detailing was established in 2017 and has since been working with many dealerships around Huddersfield, using the best products sourced from all over the world, we make sure that our job is done above any other standard. Originally founded to work for dealerships, we also do a lot of work for private clients with their own beloved vehicles, restoring and protecting the paint on cars every day, we know we are a step ahead because unlike many other detailing showrooms, we source our own ceramic coating and can therefore guarantee that it will last for 2 to 3 years once it has been professionally applied by us.

Many car owners are oblivious to how damaged their car paint is, just like expensive watches and smart phones, vehicles get scratched and damaged over time. If you ever looked at the reflection of sunlight on your car paint you may have noticed swirl marks that look like cobwebs all over the car, these swirl marks add up over time which makes it easier for dirt to build up as well as blanding out the colour of your vehicle. Scratches and swirls are caused by anything that contacts the car, mainly it is the dirty cloths that cheap car washes use. At Diamond Tech Detailing we do not only aim to make sure that every car is scratch free, we also protect the paint from any further damage with our ceramic coating.


• 9H Hardness • Hydrophobic Effect • Regular Grip • Resistance Chemistry • Protection Against Environmental Influences  • Gloss Finish • Easy Cleaning Effect • Durability • Protection From UV •

Harsh environmental factors can affect the surface of the body if it is not covered with a protective CERAMIC coating. The largest problems include bird droppings, acids, salt mixtures, small abrasions. Ceramic coating has a solution to protect the surface from all of these factors. With this protection you can save your precious time and money, since the surface will stay clean longer and easier to remove dirt from the surface.



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